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Posted by on October 8, 2009

Litquake kicks off on Friday with their first annual Book Ball. Loosely based on Truman Capote’s famous (IN-famous?) Black & White Ball, this one will be much cheaper and more casual and, more importantly, will not force you to interact with Truman Capote.

Consider the things you find distasteful at all those other balls you attend: snooty music, strange cocktails, seriousness. You guys, this ball doesn’t have any of that! The music is provided by a high school jazz combo; the cocktail alternative is Litquake-brand beer (though there will be cocktails, too); and forget seriousness: the event will provide masks of famous authors’ faces at the door for anyone who really wants to relive that Capote party. Or you can come in a DIY mask. Or no mask. The stated dress code is “fabulous and mysterious,” which is pretty much what I want my dress code to be for life. Also, there should in theory be a ton of famous authors there, and granted I haven’t really heard of anyone who wrote before 1900, but it’s never too late to learn.

This is one of those city events I always want to attend and can never find anyone to go with. I used to get around this by getting sent there by a newspaper, but I am unemployed now. Doesn’t someone want to take pity, get all dressed up and fancified and come with me?

Tickets are $19.99 and this includes one drink and “nibbles,” which I’m hoping means food and not some Rocky Horror-esque hazing ritual.

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