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Posted by on August 11, 2009

One of my neighbors left a stack of home design magazines free for the taking in the lobby yesterday. After a day of work and house-cleaning, they were the perfect reward.

Beautiful as they are, seeing the rooms in these magazines makes me more content with my living space. We could still do with less furniture in the dining room, but at least our house looks like someone lives here. You can see us indelibly imprinted everywhere — and not just because of the grime, smart guy; I cleaned yesterday. (Sort of.) Anyway, I’d rather have a kitchen filled with shelves of untidy-looking food than the sterile kitchens in these magazines where the food is all hidden.

Except lemons, for some reason. Bowls of lemons and limes in every kitchen. You see this a lot in photos of outdoor weddings as well. Someone out there really loves the idea of amassing a large collection of fruit that people only eat in very small amounts.


This is not my lovely, lemony wedding.

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