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It’s Christmas Again

Posted by on July 22, 2009

Christine was talking about china shopping recently. It made me wonder what my own house is lacking. I came up with this list:

A limitless supply of glowing jewelry.

I want glow bracelets to be something I can idly slap on while reading Jane Austen of an evening, not something I have to save for a special outdoor occasion.

A fake Christmas tree.

The weather has been so gloomy in SF that I was beginning to feel very wintery yesterday, so I decided to have a Christmas date with Gene. I put up stockings, bought candy and little gifts to put in them, and set up my creche. The effect was half-hearted, though, without a tree; if I had a fake one in storage (maybe one of those spangly hot-pink numbers?) then I could make my point. I should probably also have baked something.

A limitless supply of champagne.

Adam’s been hooking us up with cases of assorted wines, bless him, which usually contain a few bottles of champagne. Invariably at least one of these is saved for a weekend day when neither of us has any plans; we spend all day drinking mimosas and playing computer games and usually make an enormous, caloric breakfast that we live on until dinner time. I’m thinking: if it’s a great way to spend a day once in a while, why not every day? Hell, I work from home. I’ll start with a case of champagne, but eventually I’m going to need to install some sort of faucet.

Bath toys.

My Christmas present to myself yesterday was two little rubber duckies that light up when you put them in water. I need more of this sort of thing. I really like being in hot water (literally, not metaphorically), but it gets boring quickly; when I was little I had this whole complicated Sea World set with people and animals and a building that fastened to the side of the tub with suction cups. I need to dig that out.

Well, I’m off to shop. In a few weeks, Gene will start wondering where I am all the time and you can tell him I’m in the bath playing with Sea World while wearing eight glow bracelets and drinking a pineapple mimosa. Also, it’s Christmas again.

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