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Kate’s Husband’s Collection

Posted by on July 16, 2009

I feel a little deviant when I admit that I don’t have much use for music. I listen to it when I’m doing something that requires the use of my hands and eyes but not my brain (washing dishes, choosing produce), but I don’t deeply care about it, or miss it when I go without.

I feel especially wicked when admitting this to someone with a large record collection. Being a voracious reader and book collector is impressive in its way, but most books are easy to identify on a shelf. A record collector has to get personal with his thin-spined records in order to find something; he has to take his time. The patience required for finding a record about equals the patience required to listen to a record; humans are visual creatures since TV and movies came on the scene, and employing only the ears for an experience necessitates some training.


This is not my chosen leisure activity.

2 Responses to Kate’s Husband’s Collection

  1. jade

    I too am not a music whore! And here I thought I was the only one. I mean, hey, I love a good tune much as the next guy. But I can’t name a lot of the bands I like listening to, and am even less likely to be able to name any of their songs. My CDs have lost the battle to NPR for most road trips.

    Books, on the other hand? You’ll find me under the red light on the corner of Bittersweet and Main.

    P.S. T and I had a REALLY good time hanging out with you and Michele! Definitely want to do that again sometime…maybe next time we head up to the Bay area?

  2. michele

    totally next time you’re here! i had so much fun hanging out with you guys too!

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