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Forks road trip: the living dead

Posted by on April 17, 2009

We used the bathroom and bought chips at a gas station in one of the numberless three-building towns on Highway 101. As we left, the woman behind the counter dully called out “See you soon.”

See you soon?

“If we were in a horror movie,” I said as we pulled away, “that would mean ‘See you soon, because my zombie friends have set up an ambush for you just down the road and you’ll shortly be turned into a walking corpse like the rest of us.’ ”

“Yup,” said Michele.

“Fortunately, like every character in every horror movie ever made, I do not believe I am a character in a horror movie,” I said.

“Yup,” said Michele.

Fortunately, we were not ambushed by zombies, unless you count the Virgin Mary girl with the cell phone. Pictures of us not being ambushed are here, here and here, thanks to Michele.

And here is a snapshot of me and Strawberry writing at our hotel on the banks of the Rogue. Strawberry really is that tiny, and my hands really are that big.


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