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Saving Nine

Posted by on September 11, 2006

For about ten years now I’ve been saving every postcard I received, which, due to my friendship with Michele, means I have quite a collection. A little while ago I decided to put them to use and decorated the bathroom and parts of the living room with various scenes from around the world.

I’m thinking these blog entries might also prove useful one day, even though now they seem supremely not. Eventually — after, say, ten years of this — I will probably have written out my reactions to and thoughts about almost everything there is. I figure this will save me a lot of time in correspondence. I can just cut and paste the appropriate entry and hit “send.”

I once had a job working for during the Olympics where I did a similar thing. People would write in with their concerns about the Olympics coverage and I would send back the appropriate pre-written response. Not having to write my own responses left me about 7.5 hours of my 8-hour shift to sit outside on the lawn with Jade and Michael Justin, smoking cloves and watching the deer have dinner. I’m not sure what my pre-scripted blog responses will free me up to do, but I’m guessing spider solitaire will play a large part.

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