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Is that me in your pocket?

Posted by on August 26, 2006

I’ve gotten a few questions about yesterday’s post, and I just wanted to clarify: the Lad is not a peach tea. If anything, the Lad is a Moroccan Mint tea from Numi. The peach tea thing was inspired by my job search. Ok, on with the entry.

At the end of her love scene with Jimmy Stewart in The Philadelphia Story, Katherine Hepburn looks up at him with a hopeful, happy face and cries “Put me in your pocket, Mike!”

That is exactly the way I fall in love. I run around with the appearance of independence, the cat who walked by himself, but as soon as I get the chance I yell “screw this independence!” and crawl into your pocket and stay there with just my eyes peeking out. The trouble is, you thought you were getting an interesting, separate person and now you just have these eyes in your pocket, this weight on your hip.

Weirdly enough, the Lad has never tried to turn me out of his pocket. He seems to like me in there. It’s how I know this is true love.

Of course, I’ve got him in my pocket too, at the same time. That’s the great thing about our love: it defies ordinary physics.

In conclusion, here is our Skype chat from yesterday:

Lad: i’m gonna stick around here for another 30 mins or so, so I can bring you home a functioning laptop

Didofoot: my hero!!!

Didofoot: could you also pick up some avocados on your way home?

Lad: will do

Lad: did you know that i’m in love with you

Didofoot: what are you…

Didofoot: seriously?

Didofoot: i thought we were just friends

Lad: nope

Lad: i’m in love with you

Lad: sorry

Didofoot: so wait, all this time…

Didofoot: how long has this been going on?

Lad: oh it’s been a while now

Didofoot: huh

Didofoot: well

Lad: since I was a kid really

Didofoot: does my boyfriend know?

Lad: i’m telling him when I get home

Lad: I hear he’s going to be late cause he’s picking you up a laptop

Didofoot: maybe the avocados will soften the blow a little

Didofoot: because obviously i will be leaving him for you

Didofoot: as soon as i get that laptop from him

Lad: yay

Didofoot: this conversation is weird and a little creepy, eh?

Lad: i love you

Didofoot: here we go again

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