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Posted by on November 1, 2002

As with high school dances, I enjoyed the getting ready more than the actual event. I liked the part where my apartment was packed with people throwing wine on each other (okay, really just on Erica, who gets her props right now for being an incredibly good sport about it) and glitter on themselves. But after that it was all crowds and about sixteen thousand Japanese tourists with video cameras. There were some rocking costumes – Big Bird and Cookie Monster come to mind – but there were also way too many people in street clothes roaming around just gawking. I mean, come on. Is it hard to paint yourself a color at least? I mean even Jason threw body paint all over himself and went as Arts’n’Crafts.

So, okay, I skyed out early, which was actually a fortunate impulse since I had a passed-out Kimmie in my apartment. Not that she particularly needed me – my favorite thing about drunk KJ is her absolute calm. “I think I’ll throw up now.” And then she does, once, in the correct place, and it’s over. No fuss, no muss. Perfect for her busy lifestyle.

Anyway, getting all that sleep and taking good care of my hangover this morning means I get to go see the buffalo in GGPark today. Which…is a nerdy thing to prefer over the drunken masses. But it can’t be helped.

Excellent costumes, all y’all that I saw, especially KTV, KJ, Erica, Jacob, Brian and Lily.

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