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Little feet make my womb go squish

Posted by on July 7, 2002

Welcome my little olives and peanuts! Welcome to the new, improved Carthage. Let us take a moment to be very, very grateful to The Lad for delivering us from the horror and inanity which is MS Word’s HTML template.

Speaking of inanity, isn’t it time I updated?

This holiday weekend was spent currying favor with the extendo family. Mainly I ran around after my nearly-two year old cousin Nolan, trying to keep him from falling in the pool, tumbling off stairs or biting the dog. (Gentle dog; wicked child.) I love this kid. It makes me want one, except of course there’s no guarantee that mine would turn out quite so well. To that end, I’m willing to purchase one if he has all his papers and is toilet trained, with an option to sell once the kid hits thirteen.

Saturday morning we all gathered in front of the waterfall at Joaquin Miller park in Oakland for formal pictures. An hour and a half later, my face was frozen into a perma-grin with every last one of my lovely teeth on display. I look like the Joker. All my descendants will ask why Grandma kept snarling in pictures.

And now that I’ve spent nearly two hours indoors on a lovely day like today, I’m going to go outside and turn myself into a tomato. See y’all soon. Not you, Allen.

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