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Posted by on September 28, 2001

So I wrote a screenplay. It’s a very short, very bad screenplay, which involves no dialogue. But it’s about Gene, so I like it. Hi Gene, if you read this (if anyone reads this); probably you don’t. Nevertheless this website is now an ongoing letter to you. Any friends checking up on me, feel free to now feel powerfully uncomfortable about all of this.

Last night I watched that scene at the beginning of The Princess Bride and then I was very quiet for awhile. I miss you in many small ways in addition to the overriding big way. I wish you would hang out with the girls more–it’s comforting to feel you dancing around my social sphere and to dance around the edge of yours. That’s a lot of dancing, but you get it.

If this helps: we are neither going to Europe together or moving in together. I’m living in a studio in Berkeley with lots of little cockroach friends. I am over talking through my hat about what is and isn’t good for you or us; I just miss you now.

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